Substance Announces New Leadership

Substance Architecture announced today key additions to its leadership. Matt Rodekamp, AIA, steps into the role of principal, while David Gosnell, AIA; Joshua Hemberger, AIA; Leah Rudolphi, AIA; and Kevin Wagner, AIA take on the position of associate principal.

A hallmark of Substance Architecture is its team environment which draws upon the collective knowledge of everyone in the studio. The firm invests heavily in its people, providing pathways for new graduates to demonstrate their skills early in their careers and creating opportunities for them to grow into leadership positions, like those announced today. This commitment to nurturing talent allows the firm to best serve its clients while also ensuring the firm stays agile and strong as it continues to evolve.

These latest promotions reaffirm the founding vision of the company: building a firm that is resilient, able to navigate changes and equipped to innovate under fresh leadership. The new principals, with a combined 90 years of architectural experience, join seasoned Principals Todd Garner, AIA, and Tim Hickman, AIA, to guide the firm into the future. This expanded leadership team strengthens the firm following the retirement of former Principal Paul Mankins, FAIA, in July 2022.

These promotions emphasize the depth of talent within Substance Architecture and reinforce the firm’s mission to provide innovative, sustainable, and visually appealing designs. Each new leader brings a unique blend of passion, talent, and commitment, enhancing their ability to serve clients. The firm’s new ownership structure further reflects Substance Architecture's dedication to inclusivity and collaboration, providing each team member the opportunity to contribute to the future of the firm.


"It's an honor to join the leadership team with my talented colleagues beside me.” said Matt Rodekamp, AIA, Principal. “Each of us shares a deep commitment to Substance's mission of delivering innovative, sustainable, and visually stunning architecture that improves communities and lives. We're excited to continue contributing to this mission and supporting others in our new roles."

Substance Architecture believes that exceptional design emerges from a strong sense of community, a commitment to collaboration, and trust in your team. Their newest leaders exemplify these values and are committed to high-quality design which serves the needs and advances the goals of their clients.