Fortune 500 Financial Client

Various Locations
2013 - present


Project Team
Samia Abdalla
Todd Garner
Charvi Jagani
Yasmine Killeen
Matt Rodekamp
Atalie Ruhnke

Fortune 500 Financial Client – Substance Architecture
Fortune 500 Financial Client – Substance Architecture

Fortune 500 Financial Client

A client-focused Fortune 500 insurance and financial service company struggled to maintain brand consistency across its global network of office spaces. The challenge was to establish a unified interior design language that reflects their corporate identity while responding to the nuances of different locales and accommodating collaborative open office areas, conferencing facilities, and client interaction zones.

Substance Architecture’s solution was first to establish a set of design standards that created an understandable and recognizable interior language consistent with the corporation’s established brand and design expectations. Since 2013, Substance has applied these standards in over three dozen spaces nationwide ranging in size from 2,500 to 25,000 square feet. The designs, each uniquely tailored to its location, size, and function, emphasize collaborative environments and public interaction zones, ensuring each office aligns with the company’s culture and brand.

Fortune 500 Financial Client – Substance Architecture

Map of project locations

The design standards established have successfully been applied to offices of various sizes, adapting to individual locales while maintaining a consistent corporate identity.


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Photography by Corey Gaffer