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Services – Substance Architecture



Substance Architecture is dedicated to excellence in architectural design. That excellence starts with a dedication to broadly and clearly defining the goals, vision, and passion that have motivated our clients to consider embarking on a construction project. Our goal is to understand the needs of our clients so completely as they relate to their project, that once a solution is proposed it feels inevitable and natural. Client engagement is one of our passions and we work to push ourselves to listen to our clients more effectively and more openly.

When the problem is defined, we develop many options and use the review process with the client to refine to that inevitable final solution. Once the solution is agreed upon, we use all of our skills to detail the building into an on-time, on-budget delivery. Through all of this, we are dedicated to solutions that are sustainable, maintainable, good community neighbors, and beautiful.

Master Planning

Substance Architecture loves the opportunity to work with our clients at the earliest moments as they consider development. We have completed master planning efforts related to secondary and higher education campuses, civic campuses, parks and park systems, and Indigenous communities.

Interior Design

At Substance Architecture, we work to deliver interior design and architecture that create functional, comfortable, and unique interior environments that support the spatial and material character of the buildings in which they occur. Our staff of interior design and interior architecture experts can specify the interior finishes as well as the furniture, upholstery, rugs, and accessories to complete the environment.

We do many tenant improvement projects, both in buildings of our own design and those designed by others. We also specify finishes, furniture, and accessories for new construction projects large and small.

Historic Preservation

Substance Architecture embraces the opportunity to protect, restore, and reimagine historic buildings. Historic architecture represents a record of our history and immense amounts of embodied carbon. Maintaining the use and relevance of these buildings is a substantial contribution to the richness and sustainability of the built environment.

Substance has extensive experience with design for historic preservation and adaptive reuse. We have worked on buildings ranging from small historic post offices throughout Iowa, to heavy timber warehouse conversions, to the rehabilitation of modern historic structures. We enjoy working with various architectural historians to help our clients obtain state and federal tax credits.