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Jessica Terrill AIA, LEED® AP

515 699 1645

Jessica Terrill subscribes to the notion that, at its basis, good architecture follows a legible order; form, spaces, and materials are brought together by a single overarching idea and driven by a strong connection to users. For her, the best part about being a practicing architect is seeing the transformation from abstract idea to a physical building, watching as each project comes together into a functional and beautiful place. Motivated by seeing projects start to finish, Jessica brings significant experience with a variety of private and public sector building types including single and multi-family residences, corporate office buildings, higher education facilities, and transportation projects. In 2015, she was honored as being the first recipient of the Young Architects Award, presented by the Iowa Chapter of the American Institute of Architects. Because of her continued exceptional leadership and significant contributions to the profession of architecture, she was then honored as a National Young Architects Award recipient, presented by the American Institute of Architects in 2019.

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