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Joshua Baker AIA, LEED® AP

515 699 1654

Joshua Baker believes the best architecture springs from a compelling diagram that remains a clear, legible idea in the final built project. For him, design involves learning about needs and expectations from all participants in the process, and then figuring out how the varied threads weave together into a clear and compelling story. Through an iterative practice, design advances by constant editing that responds to and strengthens the overall diagram, and by developing details in service to that big-picture design idea. For nearly twenty years, Joshua has put this theory into practice by generating award-winning designs and leading teams on complex projects for civic, higher education, recreation/athletics, and corporate clients. His design leadership is evident in the firm’s work at multiple scales, from a small, carefully crafted public pavilion along an urban river’s edge, to an office building renovation that refreshes an existing building into a 21st century workplace, to complex, high-performance Division 1 athletic facilities.

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