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Julie Severson Hon. AIA IA

Creative Director
515 699 1651

Julie Severson is substance’s Creative Director, working as the firm’s communications leader and visual branding expert. Having worked in architecture firms for over 30 years, Julie views architecture as the opportunity to design spaces that inspire – to create environments where people are content and evoke a feeling of wellbeing and joy. Julie is responsible for creating and maintaining the firm’s unique visual identity. Inspired by beauty, Julie showcases substance’s work through branding, graphics, presentations, proposals, award submissions, and publications. In addition, she serves as a liaison to the local and professional press. In short, she is the maven of all things visual. She is passionate about designing visuals that are inspired by and reflect upon substance’s work. Because of Julie’s distinguished service to the profession of architecture, she was named an Honorary Member of the American Institute of Architects Iowa Chapter in 2014.

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