Substance Architecture


Justin Burnham Assoc. AIA, LEED® AP

515 699 1669

For Justin Burnham, great architecture is an act of recollection and imagination; it is logical, yet it takes immense creativity. Justin enjoys employing this in his own work, learning from past projects and evolving to create impactful designs. Realizing the importance of responsibility in design, he is very conscious about considering each building’s energy footprint. For Justin, the most enjoyable part of working at substance is having the ability to make an impact, adding a sense of responsibility to his designs. Given this responsibility, Justin makes an effort to compare the energy efficiency of different building enclosure materials and products. Coming from a background in art and music, Justin learned from a young age that what pleases people comes from structure, theme, and variation. He took this knowledge into the field of architecture, composing elegant designs that please people using the same factors.

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