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Leah Rudolphi AIA

515 699 1642

Leah Rudolphi views great architecture as effectively combining clarity and imagination. For her, the most satisfying part of working as an architect is creating projects with thoughtful detailing at all scales that supports the specific design goals of each building. She values seeing a project through all phases of design, engaging in the initial client conversations, working with contractors in the field, and ultimately learning from how individuals connect with the completed project. Having studied the intersection of architecture and neuroscience, Leah recognizes that each building she helps design is multisensory and complex; while many view architecture as a visual craft, she works to focus on a wholistic approach to design that integrates technical innovation, clarity in materiality and detailing, and spatial experience. Since joining substance, Leah has worked on award-winning projects of a variety of scales, including a synagogue remodel, collegiate football training center, and university student innovation center.

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