Substance Architecture


Drake University Pomerantz Center

Des Moines, Iowa

The project is a renovation of 20,000 square feet of ground floor space in the 1974 Student Center for Drake University. The structure underwent many renovations in its first 30 years of service, and by 2003 the facilities no longer addressed the needs of 21st century students and were a patchwork of uncoordinated finishes. The student shop, the café, the student services, and student government office were all totally renovated, with added computer terminals and a new performance space.

The project reexamines the student circulation from the campus into the building, and between the student functions within the building. A new building entrance allows all of the main floor circulation to be reorganized and clarified. Many of the previously isolated functions are opened up, encouraging student interaction between programs and from the building to the campus green.


Interior Award in Education Facilities, 2005
Contract Magazine

Honor Award, 2004
American Institute of Architects - Iowa Chapter


Contract, January 2005
Iowa Architect, 05:251

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