Substance Architecture


Iowa State University Johnny's

Ames, Iowa

Johnny’s is a premium club amenity on the east side of Hilton Coliseum created for Iowa State University’s Athletic Department. It serves donors for various athletic programs – particularly basketball – and is named after Iowa State’s legendary basketball coach, Johnny Orr. This expansion increased the size of the club from 3,750 square feet to 6,250 square feet and nearly doubled its capacity.

The expanded Johnny’s was extended to the west to incorporate space that was previously concourse circulation for the Coliseum. This expansion allowed the entry to be reconsidered. Rather than entering from the concourse outside the Coliseum bowl, the new, expanded Johnny’s is now entered directly off the seating area. This new entry significantly increases the club’s visibility and provides patrons with a direct view of the basketball court. The expansion is seamless, and much of the language and materiality of the original club is extended into the new space. In addition, a large bronze statue of Johnny Orr – previously outside the club – is integrated as the center piece of the new entertainment space. Food service areas were expanded, and two new bars were created.

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