Substance Architecture


Iowa State University Olsen Building Remodel

Ames, Iowa

This 4,800 square foot renovation converts space formerly used as football “squad” rooms into an open, daylit office suite for the Development and Marketing staffs for Iowa State University’s Athletics Department. To enhance the quality of the work environment, a new clerestory structure was added to open up what was previously a low, windowless space. This clerestory provides a greater spatial quality, as well as ample amounts of daylight. In addition, design and material cues were taken from the neighboring Jacobson Building to further unify the space. The use of exposed steel structure, glass and glass block, as well as oak paneling, result in a space physically located within the Olsen Building that appears to be part of the larger Athletic Department’s offices housed in the Jacobson Building. Finally, entry into the suite is immediately off the Jacobson Building atrium. The result is a highly efficient and effective workplace – welcoming to visitors and staff alike.

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