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University of Iowa Newton Road Parking & Chilled Water Facility

Iowa City, Iowa

This parking structure serves the University of Iowa's medical campus. The parking box is simplified, the non-parking elements are pulled outside the structure, and the box is clad to deemphasize the cars. At nearly 450 feet long, the length is attenuated as a long fritted glass plane, following the form of the adjacent road. The ending points are stairs, diaphanous volumes you are encouraged to see.

On the opposite side, a 5,000 ton chilled water facility and its two large cooling towers face the adjacent highway in front of a 400-foot long perforated copper screen. The towers demand attention, making the garage a simple backdrop at the scale of the highway traffic.

The project follows the original definition of a parking garage, efficient and enclosed. By keeping the strategy simple and focusing on refinement of the details, the result is the friendliest of neighbors.


Honor Award for Design, 2002
American Institute of Architects - National

Design Award, 2002
Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

Design Award, 2002
The Chicago Athenaeum

Honorable Mention, Environments, 2002
I.D. Magazine

Honor Award, 2000
American Institute of Architects - Central States Region

Honor Award, 2000
American Institute of Architects - Iowa Chapter


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