Substance Architecture


Walsh Door & Hardware

Des Moines, Iowa

This project consists of the exterior and interior remodeling of an existing 30,000 square foot warehouse structure into the corporate offices, fabrication, warehouse and shipping/receiving functions for a supplier of doors, frames, and hardware.

The project included the re-organization of the warehouse, fabrication, and shipping/receiving spaces of the building. Improvements were also made to the mechanical, electrical, and lighting systems in these parts of the building. The remodeling required the complete demolition of the existing office spaces. The new offices are organized around an open office area with exposed structure and indirect lighting. A conference room and print/file space, constructed as wood furniture, book end the new open office. The walls that separate the open office from the private office functions are constructed of materials and fabrications that are at the core of this business, hollow metal frames, sidelights and wood doors dominate the composition. Subtle color variation is used to emphasize and frame the work of the business.


Masters Award, 2007
Master Builders of Iowa

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